'The world in which you were born, is just one model of reality…other cultures are not failed attempts at being like you…they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.'  Wade Davis




Why Intercultural Training?

In our rapidly changing world, we are increasingly required to interact with people from cultures other than our own. Such intercultural interactions can be interesting, but they are also rife with opportunities for misunderstandings and conflicts.

Often, we are unaware of how our own intercultural glasses shape our thinking, our attitudes and our behaviour. Thus, our natural tendency is to assume that all people think like us or that they should be thinking like us. We therefore interpret their behaviour from our subjective cultural perspective, which leads to inappropriate reactions. Such misinterpretations can very quickly escalate into misunderstandings, conflicts and outright avoidance of intercultural interactions.

In business this can spell huge losses. We lose time, money, energy, projects and sometimes colleagues due to frictions caused by intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts.

The good news is: intercultural competence is a learnable skill.  In a non-threatening environment, we can practice looking at ourselves and the impact of our cultural upbringing on our attitudes and behaviour. We can then learn to expand our normal range of reactions and to become increasingly more flexible in the way we respond to intercultural differences.

At 'Culture to Culture', we pride ourselves on our ability to train such skills in  fun,  lively and practical workshops!